Monday, November 10, 2014

Fall Fashion - It's all about the ACCESSORIES!

Written By: Brigitte

I'm a Midwest girl, so when I think of fall I think of pumpkin spice lattes, chunky cable knit sweaters and the trees changing colors!  It was always one of my favorite times of the year growing up.  Well now that I live in Texas, my definition of fall weather has definitely changed but my obsession with fall fashion is still alive!  I have found some of my favorite fall trends and have found affordable versions to bring out that fashionista on a budget.  Here’s a quick crash course in the 5 fall accessories all women MUST own.   

1. Katniss Inspired Shoulder Sweater
If you are like me, you love The Hunger Games Trilogy.  One of my favorite trends for fall is the Katniss inspired off the shoulder sweater.  You can feel just like the sassy Hunger Games victor without doing the full “comic con inspired” look.  Pair this adorable chunky sweater with a white tank for hotter climates or rock it with leather gloves and jacket, like below, for cooler climates. Get SASSY Here

2. Layered Gold Chains
No, I'm not talking 2-Chainz style here ladies. ;) The fall version is so ‘offing adorable, it makes me squeal with delight!  Rock 3-4 layered necklaces at a time in the metal of the season: gold or rose gold.  Take that old bar necklace you bought during last season and give it an update by layering it like below.  You don’t need to be Kanye West to pull of this trend ladies! We Want The Gold

3. Floral Prints
OK-- I know what you are thinking: the stale, old lady floral on your Grandma’s couch.  This is NOT your Grandma’s floral ladies.  The new floral prints are sassy, bold and full of graphic appeal.  Check out the mix of bows and graphic florals on the Kate Spade bag below-so chic! Get FLORAL Here

4. Ear Cuffs
I am beyond obsessed with ear cuffs! These are such a fun update from the over the top, Goth earrings of the past.  The new ear cuffs are delicate, feminine and oh so pretty!  I am particularly obsessed with the one below. The best thing is, you don't have to get your ears pierced a million times!! 

5. Chunky Hair Turban with Dark Matte Red Lips

This trend isn’t for the faint of heart: take that hair turban from a year ago and give it a sassy update.  For my daring darlings- pair it up with the lip color of the season:  matte, deep, dark red lips.  Channel your inner Madonna circa 1980’s to rock this sexy-oh-so-fun look.  Go even bolder than previous seasons and update your turban to a chunky, cable knit version for an undeniably fall feel. 

Now go forth and rock your fall accessories like the sexy women you are!!! Tell me what some of your favorite pieces are and let me see pics of you styling' in your best fall fashion!



Saturday, November 1, 2014


Ever since I hit puberty, my skin has been an issue. I can remember it like it was yesterday, being 14 years old trying to look cute with all that attractive acne all over my face- ughh! Not only was it embarassing, it made me so insecure and self-consiece about my skin and being around people in general.

Attempt #1- I remember seeing the infomertial about the newest product out there (it was new back then) called ProActiv. My dad liked the idea of the money back guarantee, so one day, when I got home from school, the package just sat there, waiting for me to try it on my seemingly hopeless skin.

I was super strict with my ProActiv skin care routine and within a month my skin was clear, and I was getting compliments from girls (rare) in almost all of my classes. This technique worked for me for over 10 years until IT happened!

I got knocked up--- ;) I kid… but really, getting pregnant changed the way my body dealt with acne and the wonder product that worked for over a decade, no longer had ANY effect! So there I was, this new mom, hormonal mess, tired, grumpy and to top it off adult ACNE? WTH!!?

Attempt #2: After trying the dermatologist prescription creams and washes regularly and spending $680 on some random cream, I started to scour the Internet for natural remedies for acne prone skin. I went to my most “trusted” resource- YOUTUBE! After getting lost in trail of videos, I stumbled on some crazy acid burning videos to some olive oil facemask ones, which finally led me to one that caught my eye.

Attempt #3: Acne.Org a.k.a The Regimen is unique in several aspects. They do ZERO marketing or advertising on TV or Radio. They are strictly word of mouth & the website has a community in which people can share and like videos/images of themselves and their experiences.

Here are 3 things you should know about ACNE.ORG -

1.    You MUST FOLLOW THE RULES, every tedious hand washing rule, amount rule and drying rule..

2.    At first (3-4 weeks), your skin will be redder & tighter than a new facelift, but if you stick it out, your face will clear up!!

3.    It really does work if you stick to the regimen, as soon as I stray away, I start to break out again! Check out my own before and after pictures-

It doesn’t matter if you have that pesky puberty skin or if you have a new bout of adult acne, log on to www.acne.org and get your free sample. All it will cost you is the shipping but I promise you, it really is worth every dime. 458 different creams=$thousands, www.Acne.Org regimen= $49.95, Having clear skin=priceless!

Have you tried any of these products, or have you found something natural that works for you? What about dermatological treatments, what do you think about the cost of those creams? I wanna hear what you do!

Friday, October 31, 2014

Pole Fitness & the Modern Woman

Written by: Karina

The “pole” is no longer just for the Strippers (no hate here) but for any woman who wants that extra bit of confidence! Pole Fitness is not just trendy but (trust me) it’s an amazing workout and definitely brings that extra spice into the bedroom.

I remember my first pole fitness class- I walked into the classroom extremely shy since I didn’t know what kind of people to expect. First thing came to mind was that I was in a class meant for strippers who were perfecting their skills. However, as I made few friends, surprisingly some were married to physicians and lawyers, and some were stay at home moms. They all had a few things in common - to get in shape, get their confidence back and bring some spice into the bedroom.

A few days after I took a spin on my first pole, I was extremely sore and it was surprising how tough yet entertaining it was. During your pole fitness session your whole body is engaged and all your muscles are working together so don’t be surprised when you can’t walk the next day- for whatever reason! ;)

The class starts off with a 10 min warm up and the instructors are usually telling you positive feedback & motivate you by telling you how great you are doing. This helps your confidence levels automatically rise and you feel amazing! The musical playlist is fun and energizing making it feel like a slumber party with your girlfriends, rather than a difficult work out!

One of my favorite moves was the FIREMAN , here is the video if you happen to have a pole at home ;)  

Also, on a side note: It really helped my flexibility. With moves like Hip Stretch, Quad Stretch, Shoulder Stretch I not only toned up but became increasingly flexible.

Take a look at this video-- Both males & females from around the world doing some of the most advanced moves- Don't try this at home folks!! 

The more you continue to attend & practice your moves, the better you will get! Don’t give up, I know at first it can be hard to imagine that you can achieve some of the more complicated moves but after few classes you’ll almost be a pro!  Here's one example of a mom changing up her look with the pole!
Let me know how it goes!! :)